About Us

Master Landscape Sdn Bhd is a Horticultural & Landscaping Services company. Our company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We specialized in providing a wide range of landscaping services for the creation and maintenance of attractive, sustainable landscapes and gardens around Klang Valley area. With over 10 years of experience, our skilled team of gardeners and horticulturalists will assist you in restoring and nurturing your garden to the envy of all your neighbors.

Why Choose Us


We Are Specialists in Our Field
All members of our team of specialty with the expertise, skill and commitment to rejuvenate the garden for each site.


We Aim to Perform to the Highest Standards
The quality of materials we use matches the quality of our workmanship.


We Take Pride in Our Business Approach
We feel invested in and committed to our work, and we understand that the work we do will have a powerful impact on the lives of our clients.

Garden & Landscape Maintenance

Equipped with manpower, knowledge, and experience in plants and landscape maintenance, Master Landscape offers the assurance of beauty to all landscapes with excellent services. Our clientele includes Residential & Commercial complexes. Rest Assured, we at Master Landscape is always ready to be your preferred contractor to make a beautiful green place for you.

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